It is Opening (Day) Night at the I-Cubs

Levi Yeager is ready for his Iowa Cubs debut. Photo by Paul Yeager.

Tonight Levi will be going to his first baseball game. Mind you, we could have taken him to the see the St. Louis Cardinals in the playoffs last year, but we all know how well that ended and how quickly it ended, so that didn’t happen. Plus, Levi would only have been 10 days old.

So tonight, Levi will go to his first baseball game at six months. He’ll be in Section 10. He’ll be wearing his Iowa Cubs shirt. This will be a chance for Bill, Ron and Chandler to meet Levi. Amy was very pregnant the last time we saw our Row 1 seat-mates.

Noah and Levi are ready.
The baseball boys are familiar with older brother Noah. He too, is excited to go tonight. I said only good little boys at school get to go to a baseball game in Des Moines.

Noah wants to wear his Cubbie shirt. By summer, we’ll be ready to wear a Cardinal shirt. Then he wears a Cubs hat and a Cardinal shirt. It usually gets a few double takes and people calling DHS to report confusion of children.

We also did a little video this morning to talk about the upcoming game tonight. Enjoy.

If that clip doesn’t work, try this Ustream link here.

We’ll see you tonight at Principal Park and the Iowa Cubs game on this opening night. Amy is excited about Ryne Sandberg. She will likely go to more games this season and wants to sit near the dugout as often as possible.


One thought on “It is Opening (Day) Night at the I-Cubs

  1. Brianne (at the Register) had two extra tixs to go tonight, but I had an ADA meeting and YPC social to attend and had to miss out.

    I would have loved to see Levi and Noah behind home plate soaking it all in seeing Ryno and the I-Cubs!

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