IPTV Program Highlights April 2-7, 2010

The Iowa Public Television Press Release shop is cranking out the upcoming hits coming to IPTV.
Here’s a look at some of those highlights between now and Wednesday.

Tonight at 6:30 The Iowa Journal explores some innovative ways Iowa schools are helping children learn, including the use of virtual reality technology. Here’s my post on the program.

At 7:30 tonight, Iowa Press brings in Mayor Ron Corbett (R-Cedar Rapids) and Mayor Frank Cownie (D-Des Moines) will discuss the current urban budget crunch and the management of Iowa’s two largest municipalities.

Tonight at 8 on Market to Market, the Agriculture Department predicts some big numbers in its prospective plantings report, President Obama announces policy changes that could clear the way for oil drilling off US coasts, and a 4-H program helps shutterbugs develop photography skills by focusing on rural America.

Eyes on the Prize: American Experience returns on Sunday at 1 p.m. This week’s episode looks at how individual acts of courage inspired black Southerners to fight for their rights.

Frontline: From Jesus to Christ presents the epic story of the rise of Christianity. The series transports viewers back two thousand years to the time and place where Jesus of Nazareth once lived. This two-part program airs at 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Sunday.

On Sunday at 8 p.m., during Masterpiece Classic: Sharpe’s Peril, British soldier-hero Sharpe stumbles across an opium trafficking ring.

On Tuesday at 7 p.m., NOVA: Hunting the Edge of Space (1 of 2) examines how a simple instrument, the telescope, has fundamentally changed our understanding of our place in the universe.

Two and a half millennia ago, a new religion was born in northern India, generated from the ideas of a single man, the Buddha, a mysterious Indian sage who famously gained enlightenment while he sat under a large, shapely fig tree. Learn more Wednesday at 7 p.m. during The Buddha.


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