Final Panther Points

Maucker Union store still selling UNI Panther gear. Photo by Paul Yeager.

We know the UNI Panthers run in the NCAA is over and that Cinderalla’s slipper broke. Regardless, thie 2009-2010 season will be talked about for a long time in Cedar Falls and beyond.

A few points of interest from my world.

No cable or internet

This one popped up during the game via Twitter. Erik Ullestad posted during the game that his parents lost cable and internet during the game. That meant no live tweeting from the hometown of the Panthers or commenting on Panther Fan Forums.

Luther over Wartburg?

We’ve talked about Ali Farokhmanesh and his connections to Wartburg. His mother is working at the W in Waverly and his father was an assistant volleyball coach. Cindy Fredrick was recently named head volleyball coach at Luther College. That is the enemy for Wartburg. During Friday’s game, Cindy’s new job was mentioned during the national telecast. Clear as day Luther College was uttered and not Wartburg. So, that was fun to watch go back and forth between Iowa Conference fans/alums during the game.

Campus calming down

And finally, I was on the University of Northern Iowa campus Sunday night. I’ll be here Monday for the Iowa High School Individual All-State speech contest. The pre-dinner was on campus in the Maucker Union. Friday night, that was the site of the on-campus watch party. If the Panthers would have won, our evening would have had some excitement. Instead, the Union was fairly empty and the March Madness is starting to wear off. But, you could find some t-shirts and SI’s for sale with Ali on the cover.

Monday’s event is in the McLeod Center. Maybe I’ll sneak onto the court to practice some 3-pointers.


2 thoughts on “Final Panther Points

  1. Have you ever been to any other events in the aforementioned Maucker Union? Any famous speeches or toasts made there?

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