Levi and Noah on Spring Break

Levi on stage, waiting for his cue to go into the IPTV Kids Clubhouse. Photo by Paul Yeager.

The boys really weren’t on spring break this week like much of Ankeny, including our neighborhood, is.

But the boys did have some fun anyway.

Noah watches a pledge break from off stage at IPTV. Photo by Paul Yeager.

Wednesday was a chance for a IPTV Kids Clubhouse visit.

The kids were needed for a promo to run after Festival 2010 is over. Noah will be on your right in the front, you know, the short one.

The kids got to stick around to be a part of a pledge break.

This was fun as Dan Wardell included the kids, Noah is in the back row in a green shirt. Then some of the adults were included and so was the TV debut of Levi. I think you’ll know when he’s on TV.

Levi, Paul and Noah Yeager with Dan Wardell. IPTV Studios, March 17, 2010.

And always, we got a picture with Dan during a break. Always fun times with our friend Dan.

You still have a chance to support IPTV by going here.

Hope you enjoyed the fun times with Dan in the clubhouse. This is the only locally produced kids show left in Iowa.


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