Presidential Healthcare Reform on the next Iowa Journal

Senator Harkin looks on as President Obama signs the Healthcare Reform Act into law. AP Photo

President Barack Obama’s visit to Iowa City is causing a little change in plans for this week’s show.

We will get to education innovation next week. This week, we’ll be carrying the President’s 1p speech live on our IPTV World channel. That is .3 over the air. Then we’ll be holding a panel discussion on the health care reform and what exactly this means for Iowa. That will all take place Thursday night on Iowa Public Television on The Iowa Journal time slot.

Details are still in the works, but plan to watch the speech live at 1 and an encore of the speech at 730p prior to our panel discussion around 830 Thursday night.

The President will make his remarks the Fieldhouse on the campus of the University of Iowa.

Who should we have on our panel?

What will this new healthcare plan mean for Iowa?

Join us please on Thursday for “President on Health Care: An Iowa Journal Special”.


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