Even More UNI Panther Points

Front banner from the UNI Athletics site http://www.uni.edu/ncaa

The hits keep coming for the UNI Panthers and their men’s basketball team. Some good, some maybe not so good.

Radio Rocks
First, a few radio promos that you might enjoy, including Gary Rima. Sorry, I’m not able to pull out the individual clips. I don’t think Learfield would like that. Enjoy.

SI Cover Jinx?

Upcoming cover of Sports Illustrated featuring Northern Iowa.

The Panthers were in Sports Illustrated earlier this season. It was a nice piece about the team. But this time, it may be more than Panther nation can handle. Here comes the cover. Will the cover jinx be in place?
Ali Farokhmanesh is on the cover with that same great photo as seen in Monday’s More UNI Extra Points.

Here’s a link to the Des Moines Register’s Ultimate Ali gallery.

Any of these story lines come true yet from Saturday’s UNI Panthers Extra Points post?

Hitler Gets the News of UNI’s win
And finally, what good story would not be complete without a Hitler – Panther/Kansas YouTube video. This one does get a little spicy, so be warned.

Or if that one doesn’t play, try this one. It is a bit different. This is the Hitler response to the Kansas loss to UNI. Again, pronounce that U-N-I.

And maybe I can teach Noah how to say Kaboom instead of this tired joke.


2 thoughts on “Even More UNI Panther Points

  1. Paul, The Hitler rants are a scream ( so to speak). Connie is generous enough to share your twitter things with me occasionally. I haven’t figured Twitter out yet for myself. I love all your Noah posts too. Guess who he reminds me of. Keep them coming.

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