More UNI Extra Points

Here we go. A week of national attention for the UNI Panthers. By the way, if you’re not from Iowa, you can call them U-N -I, not uni like uni-cycle. Apparently, this team is being called all sorts of No. Iowa, No. IA. N IA, North Iowa, you get the picture.

Lots of good stuff over the weekend. I’ll post some links here, but there’s plenty to add on to this post from Saturday night.

Virg and Lis

For the Erickson clan, this will be a tense week. Father Virg is the former color analyst for the Panther Radio Network. Daughter Lis worked for UNI and Michigan State sports information. Lis spent time getting to know many of the Spartan Nation and their men’s team. Lis has often told me, Coach Tom Izzo knows how to coach in March. So, I think there will no phone call between Virg and Lis this week and Lis won’t say who she’s pulling for in fairness to both camps.

SoundOff full of Panther Calls

SoundOff on WHO-TV was good Sunday night with Keith Murphy and Chris Hassel. Chris was on the team charter that arrived home to Waterloo at 230 AM Sunday.

JT “The Nutt” is the show’s in-booth producer on Sunday nights. Keith said it best at the end that JT was the bandwagon for UNI before anyone knew one existed. JT is an alum who’s extremely excited, to say the least about his team. I think JT just got his lifetime dream, to have all callers on SoundOff be talking about the Panthers.

SO did their normal Look A Like segment. Here’s my own.

NBC 26 reporter Chad Doran

Chad Doran of NBC 26 in Green Bay. Chad is a former news photographer in Davenport at KWQC-TV. He did cover the Illini in the Final Four which was in St. Louis. I’m just saying.


Adam Koch of UNI. 

Adam Koch of UNI

Rima on the Radio
Here’s some audio from the UNI Panther Radio Network. Oh Baby, I love this team from Gary Rima. I think he uses every cliché in the book. Enjoy. Thanks to our north Iowa friends for the feed. Sorry, Kaboom, not included.

Ali Farokhmanesh's late three-pointer helped Northern Iowa upset Kansas 69-67. Darren Carroll/SI Read More:

Ali in the DaNation

Ali Farokhmanesh is living the dream, doing interviews on national programs. One such interview was on the Dan Patrick Radio Show Monday morning. Ali was good and continues to show why the nation is starting to pull for this team.

Here’s part of the interview in text form:

Q&A with Ali Farokhmanesh

DP:The shot with just over 30 seconds to go against Kansas … did you ever think, what if I don’t make it?
AF:Honestly no. If that would have crossed my mind, I probably wouldn’t have made it. I just went into the shot with confidence and luckily it went in.

DP:But the shot defied logic, didn’t it?
AF:Uh, yeah probably. I just think once he backed off so far, I thought there was probably enough differential between the clock that they’re probably going to play off the possession. We had turned the ball over three times in a row, so I was just thinking it was probably going to be a turnover or that wide-open shot.

DP:When did you know it was going in?
AF:Honestly when I let it go, it didn’t feel that good. … Just because the previous five shots before that I hadn’t made.  Once I let that go, it was kind of iffy.

DP:What did coach [Ben Jacobson] say to you?
AF:Great shot.

Read More:

Here’s the full interview and the audio/video to go with it. Enjoy.

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