NCAA Tourney 2010 Observations

A few observations if I may about the first two days of this tournament.

I still like the staggered start of the games so you can see the end of the 4 games if it is close. The games end over a 45 minute time frame. I do like that.

I’m still not sure on seeing the tourney leave CBS for the ESPN platforms of multiple channels. But, if you live in Connecticut and you want to see UNI play, you would have a better chance of getting that game, without having to resort to the internet to see the game.

Anyone miss the original floor designs of each host site? I liked seeing the U of Buffalo design or the Dayton Flyers colors on the court and not the same blue, black and maple color at each venue. That’s what the Sweet 16 round is for and the Final 4, not the opening rounds. Now, all the sites look the same.

I am tired of the Southwest Airlines ad with the guys pulling up their shirts saying “Bags Fly Free.”

Anyone see the Dockers ad about not wearing any pants? Early in the spot there’s a line on the bottom of the screen that says “Shazam It.” iPhone users know what that means. The Shazam app is one of the coolest that can hear and song and tell you what you’re listening to. I guess it was a Super Bowl ad, I did not see it the first time.

I still like the upsets and drama and seeing what will make the cut of “One Shining Moment.”

And I still remember my friend Brent, who I wrote about in the last post.

Also seeing Missouri and Clemson press each other reminds me of the great Dr. Tom Davis days at the University of Iowa. That is what made his style of basketball so great, the diamond press. Teams struggled to break it and Iowa was able to dictate the tempo and pace of the game. That’s the style of basketball I want to see, but I don’t think Gary Barta has asked for my opinion.

Here’s a look at the press in action in a great Hawkeye moment back when they made the tournament. Kevin Gamble anyone?


2 thoughts on “NCAA Tourney 2010 Observations

  1. We always forget about Gamble’s GW shot over Oklahoma in Seattle in the Sweet Sixteen! It was Dr. Tom’s first season.

    Add the “Ivan Brothers” commercial that has been running on the March Madness on Demand website during the webcast of the games. It’s overkill!!

  2. A lot of things stand out to me from that video. But the most egregious is that with 1 second left, the Iowa pep band was playing the victory polka, and the cheerleaders were dancing along.


    It does take me back to better days, when I would actually hug and kiss my radio at Zabel’s command.

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