Noah tells a joke

Noah and Levi, St. Patrick's Day, 2010.
I have no comic timing or delivery, I just appreciate a joke.
When I take the boys to school, we have a routine, we first go to Noah’s room, take his coat off, check in with his teachers, then we all go to Levi’s room to drop Levi off first.

When Noah walks into the baby room of 3 to 10 month olds, he looks like a giant. It also looks like Noah is on stage as all the kids are looking up to Noah as he talks to them.

I took it upon myself to try to teach Noah a few jokes that he can use to tell the kids who are hanging on his every word each morning when we get to Levi’s room.

Here now is Noah’s attempt at a classic, but very tired, joke. There are two takes at the joke. He does leave out a word, much like the way his dad writes.

Hopefully later today, the story on Noah and Levi’s trip to the IPTV Kids Clubhouse. Levi made his TV debut and Noah was on and will hopefully make the cut for the post-Festival Promotion.


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