March Madness with Noah and Levi

It has been a couple of weeks since I gave an update on the boys. Mom is home and all seem to be adjusting well.

Noah was ready to go to school last week with his puppy and car for show and share.

Noah did want a little extra attention after Mom’s return home, but we seem to be better. That may be in part to he is the “Star of the Week” at his preschool/daycare. He gets to bring the movie they watch (Bull Durham, I was amazed they let the kids watch that), snack (Italian Nachos from Old Chicago were tough to keep warm) and toys for the kids to share.

I will post a funny video of Noah trying to work on his first joke. We’re not talking throwing an alarm clock to see time fly joke, but one that will bring a smile to your face.

Levi in the middle of bath night, March 10, 2010. 5 1/2 months.
Levi is growing and getting to be a little boy. Almost daily, he’s doing something new like almost sitting up on his own, talking and driving a car. They do grow up fast.

Here’s a fun video from Levi and I on Monday. Mom and Noah went to the store, so we went live on my UStream channel with a little video. Thanks to those of you who watched.

You will see how Levi’s giggles are infectious, his smile brightening and hair Einstein-esque.

If YouTube doesn’t work, here’s the UStream link as well.

Levi and I tried to do a video on Sunday. But it was Noah who wasn’t into it as much. Here’s a look at that video as well.

Thanks for letting a dad be a dad and show off his kids.


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