Wanted: Your Innovative Education Ideas

The Iowa Journal is working on a program about innovation in education.
What exactly does this mean?

That’s what I’m asking you.

Give me your school’s innovation in 100 words or less. Leave the response in the comments section below. Sorry, Iowa schools only.

What does innovations in education look like?

What new and different things are you doing at your school that is working in getting you to learn more, teach better, reach higher and improve yourself or your school? Is it all on technology? Does your innovation go beyond a new computer but real self-created content?

If you want to bring some life to it, make a 60 seconds or less video. You can post that to our Iowa Journal Flickr page. Your video will get cut at :60.

If you want to just talk to your webcam, great. If you want produce a video telling us what innovations you’re doing at your school, show us.

We may use some of the entries in our story about innovation and would love to show as many Iowa innovations that are out there. That feature runs March 25th on Iowa Public Television at 8p. Entry deadline is March 21 at 6p CDT.

The videos will be on our Iowa Journal Flickr Page.

We’ll also post the comments on our Iowa Journal home page on IPTV.org.

Show us your innovations and we’ll show the rest of the state on The Iowa Journal on March 25th at 8p.


2 thoughts on “Wanted: Your Innovative Education Ideas

  1. Innovation: the power of determined educators relentlessly designing, creating, and implementing best practice. All of my classes are organized by essential questions including AP Language and Composition. Utilizing http://www.pollseverywhere.com, AP students texted a response to question about the human connection prior to reading “No Man is an Island.” The poll provided instant feedback and guided reading while increasing student interest. They concluded with a Socratic seminar. The summer before the school year, students blogged as they read an assigned text. Being innovative requires an analysis of need, of current issues, of relevant material while utilizing available tools including technology.

  2. Many smart kids struggle in school because they can’t keep track of assignments or fail to understand what’s expected. A consistent form of organization, that flows from teacher to teacher and year to year, reduces stress and helps kids focus.

    We originally developed the School PLANit system for our son. It opened his world, so we wanted to share it with others.

    After donating 250 systems to a local school that resulted in amazing feedback and increased standardized test scores, we moved on to the final phase of making the system available to everyone. Arrives August 2010.


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