Day 8 – Homecoming

Noah is ready for the outdoors.

Saturday marked the end of the week without mom. She came home from Brasil and the boys and I returned from my parents, so it was Homecoming Saturday.

Amy was worn out when he got her this afternoon. She basically had been up for 30 hours when we saw her. Noah was happy. He did really good all week in not complaining much or getting teary about missing mommy. We like to keep him busy which keeps his mind on something other than missing mom. Noah did start to put on his coat around 1030 this morning to go to the airport. Amy’s flight didn’t arrive until 230. He was ready to get to see and hug mommy.

Noah and Grandma Honey feed the birds.
Noah did go out and restock the birdfeeder at Grandma Honey’s. He was excited that he got to do that. Grandma’s have that ability to distract and keep kids occupied. I think the saying goes, ‘this ain’t my first rodeo.’ A huge thank you to both of our parents for helping out this week. They really made this a lot easier.

Kent, Levi, Noah and Joellen Yeager. March 6, 2010. Taken in Jesup, IA.
And before we left I got this fun shot with my parents and the boys. I’m sure that will make the family calendar for next year.

Here’s a recap of the week:
Day 1 was departure day for Amy. This post includes a visit to cousin Morgan’s house.

Another sister’s visit topped Day 2 and included a trip to the State Historical Building.

We got back into the swing of things on Day 3. Big thanks to Grandma Paula and Grandpa Wil for entertaining on the late afternoons. This was a big help.

Day 4 was doctor day. Levi had another ear infection and Noah got to eat green eggs and ham. The shot of Levi in this post is worth the click.

Day 5 was all about the vests. We tried to make a video in our vests, but that didn’t work. I think the director in me, just didn’t provide enough inspiration. This day I was ready to have mom come home.

We hit the road for my parents in Jesup on Day 6. Noah got to eat McDonald’s on the trip north, so that was a good day for him to hit the Iowa roads.

Grandma Honey’s help was enlisted on Day 7. I had a meeting at Wartburg College, so Noah and Levi were the entertainment on the farm. Noah did get to see the grain bins up close with Farmer Papa. The picture of boys in this post is also a good one to see.

It was also a big with Mike and Kelly Peasley and the birth of their daughter Alison.

Thanks again for the support this week and comments. I’ve found that people were actually reading these posts that were basically open letters to Amy about what’s happening. She said she did read them. That’s a step in the right direction. Now if I can just get her to watch The Iowa Journal.


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