Day 7 – End in sight

The end of the Yeager Bachelor days are close to ending.

Morning broke early in Shady Grove.

Day 7 started early on the Yeager farmstead. Levi slept through the night, or maybe I was too tired to hear him.

Noah and I slept in the big waterbed. I was asleep until Noah woke me up at 545 to ask if it was 7 o’clock yet. We tell Noah that 7 o’clock is the time he can get up each morning. So, every five minutes for the next 45 minutes, Noah would ask me if it was 7 o’clock yet.

Would you trust your daughters with these two gentlemen?

It will be fun to tell Noah that story when he’s 14 and sleeping until noon and he’ll think when I try to get him up at 10 o’clock is too early.

I let Noah watch a SuperFriends DVD while I fed Levi downstairs. This allowed me to see some morning news including Justin Roberts on KGAN. No Kristine Ward today, maybe next time. I did get to see Tara Thomas on KWWL with Bob Waters. Still not sure who that was on KCRG. Sorry Ashley Hinson and weather dude.

Grandma Honey got to entertain the boys for most of the day as I had a meeting at Wartburg College. So, she got these two quickly aging children.

Snow melting on the Wartburg College campus.

Back to Wartburg, the campus was emptying out as spring break was beginning. Our group did get to hear a presentation about The Circuit. Just Google Spencer Albers to see what I’m talking about. And, if you’ve not given to the Communication Arts convergence fund, take time to write that check to help our department.

Back to the boys, usually it is the baby that will sleep fairly easy and the little boy who will not sleep. Not today. Noah took a 2 hour nap. Levi slept for 20 minutes.

Noah did not make many desires to see his mother today. But, I’m sure that will fire up in the morning as it becomes reality that Mom is close to coming home.

That will be part of Day 8 – Return of Mommy. See you then.


One thought on “Day 7 – End in sight

  1. The weatherman on KCRG this morning is Kaj O’Mara (hope I got the last name right).

    Ron the Man handled 5, 6, and 10 tonight. No wonder why I didn’t see Tara. She was on this morning with Bob!

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