Day 5 – Vest Day

Noah holds Levi as they both don their vests and smiles.
We are now past the midpoint of Amy’s trip to Brasil. Now, we just need to keep the boys going for a few more days. How about a new distraction? Like a trip to the farm? It sounded good at the time, we’ll just see if we can make it there with all our stuff. That will be the big challenge.

But Wednesday turned out to be Vest Day. Noah and Levi both ended up in vests. As did I, but mine stays at work, thanks to the good-humored co-workers who like to include me in their reindeer games.

So, we’ve got the a fun picture of the boys in their vests. We tried for a video, but couldn’t get on to UStream when needed. Maybe it was all the videos Dan Wardell is doing as he prepares for IPTV’s Festival.

Levi seems to be feeling better. He didn’t sleep much this afternoon. Let’s hope he can do well during the night again for the second straight night. That would be wonderful.

Huge thanks again to Grandma Paula and Grandpa Wil. They had a bonus day with grandkids as cousins Jenna and Logan were at the house for most of the day as well.

Noah did get sad tonight, but we’ll get through it.

I hope.


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