Day 4 – Day of Doctors

Noah has a bandage, but he says he's fine.

Only one doctor was supposed to be part of our Tuesday. That was supposed to be Dr. Suess and his birthday celebration.

All of Noah’s class were assigned to bring Dr. Suess books for their teachers to read in class today. His class was celebrating the authors birthday. The kids were even going to get to try green eggs and ham. Noah said he liked the green tinted treats.

Noah wanted to bring Hop on Pop. So, we packed it away. We even talked about it in this video that was filmed before we left for school this morning. Noah decided to talk about cereal bars and Levi was doing a little work out in the exo-saucer. Now that Levi is a bit stronger, he likes to play and chew on the toys on the saucer.

We made it through the night a little better. Levi was a better sleeper, but that cold is firing up a bit. So, we hope he improves and no need to go to the doctor. But as the day went on, his cold built up and got worse. But as always, he had a smile on his face and was laughing, so how sick could he be? The worst that can happen is the doctor says he’s fine and go home.

We did discuss this in Day 3, Day 2 and Day 1. You can read those if you are in need of falling asleep faster than warm milk or Jay Leno’s show.

Levi goes back to the doctor

When I went to pick up the boys at Wil and Paula’s, I got to see Noah with the bandage on his head (he says he scratched it while at school) and a fussy Levi. I fed Levi and called for a doctor’s appointment.

Sure enough, Levi has another ear infection. Levi now has his medicine and Noah is fast asleep. Time for me to join them.

Tomorrow, we begin to pack for the trip to Grandma Honey’s and Farmer Papa’s house. Plus my new nickname for the boys.


One thought on “Day 4 – Day of Doctors

  1. Despite Levi’s poor red-rimmed eyes, that is an absolutely adorable picture! Hope you are surviving the week ok.

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