Day 3 with the boys

'lil Levi
Not much to report on Day 3. I went to work. Noah and and Levi went back to school. It was another long night for Levi and I as the 5-month old decided that sleeping wasn’t in his best interest.

Grandma Paula and Grandpa Wil are picking up the boys from school and feeding them and me in the evenings this week. So, really, I’ve got it easy on that end.

Monday night I had a call committee meeting at church, so I got to see the boys for 45 minutes before leaving for the meeting. For those interested, we are moving ahead on the call process, but are being intentional in our actions and deliberate in what we do. So, give us some time. This is the first time we’ve called a senior pastor in 40 years.

I got home around 915 and Noah was still up and not sleeping. He had grandma laying with him, but didn’t fall asleep. I think he was asleep in 3 minutes after I got home. He did have a sad moment wondering when Mommy was going to be home. We may have to pull out a movie greeting Amy did for him tomorrow night. We’ll see.

We did hear from Amy today, she’s fine and enjoying the 70 degree weather, even if it is rainy.

Time to get to bed. Levi likes to wake me up several times at night. But again, I wouldn’t trade this for anything.

Here’s Day One’s recap.

Here’s Day Two’s.

I’m sure we’ll make it to Day 5, Still alive.


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