IPTV Staffer Gets “Busted” Over Bacon

Health studies be damned, bacon is a hit.

The third annual BaconFest wrapped up this weekend in Des Moines. This event keeps outgrowing the host venue and this year the tickets were gone in 25 minutes. So, success again with bacon.

You hear people talk about how they love bacon on everything. 2009’s biggest food hit at the Iowa State Fair wasn’t even on the grounds. Chocolate covered bacon on a stick was sold outside the grounds and had lines every time you went by their tent.

Joe Bustad at the 2010 Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest (Credit: Joe Bustad Facebook page)

One of the great people at Iowa Public Television here that makes magic is our graphic design department. Joe Bustad is one of those geniuses. When he’s not hanging out with dirtbag friends, selling his soul for velveeta cheese or rifling through a Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift store, he’s designing our on-camera graphics or print materials that you see.

Joe also likes to eat as he’s known in many restaurants around town. He’s doing his best to hit them all, or at least all of them in the Des Moines Register’s Top 100 restaurants of central Iowa.

One of his food loves is bacon. So, I should not have been surprised to see him on WHO-TV Saturday night at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest.
You can see him here.

Joe gets "Busted" on TV. (WHO-TV Des Moines)

Great story. But read the name closely on Joe’s chyron key. Joe got “Busted” at the event.

I guess that’s what happens when you eat too much bacon.


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