Day 2 With The Boys

We made it through Day 2 after a big thanks to another sister.

Amy is on business in Brasil. Here’s the background on her trip and look at Day 1.

The overnight was a little rough as I thought I could just let Levi cry out, but nope, just a long night of trying to get the boy to sleep.

We made it to church so Noah could sing and go to church school. Levi did not make it through all the service, so my apologies for the folks around us this morning. As we were leaving church, Noah asked why did so many people keep saying, where is your mother?

We got a trip to Target in before lunch and Levi slept through most of the store. So, we did one nap in.

Paige, Levi, Allie and Noah. BTW, his hair was combed this morning. It was the hat.

And how to pass the afternoon? Another day, another sister visit. This time cousins Paige and Allie were the entertainment at the State Historical Building.

For the record, Noah did comb his hair this morning, but apparently his hat made his hair a little out of control. Oh well, he had a good time.

There’s always fun to be had looking at deer, airplanes and cutouts of settlers.

Paige, Noah and Allie with their friends.

No more notes for me, time for bed.


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