Day 1 without Mom supervision

Levi, Amy and Noah. February 27, 2010. Levi is 5 months today.
Saturday was another stay at home day for Noah. That’s what we call days there’s no school or daycare. Today was also the day we took Amy to the airport for her week-long work trip to Brasil.

Last year, Amy went to Holland for a work trip and Noah and I got along fine. But that was only one child. Although, the morning she left for Holland, she told me we were pregnant.

Now, a work trip is twice the fun with Levi.

Levi at 5 months
Levi turned is now 5 months old today. Where did those 5 months go? When Noah was 5 months, we moved to Ankeny from Bettendorf. Levi has advanced a lot this month. He’s rolling over now, can hold his head up well and full of smiles. And, he’s been eating cereal which may be one reason he’s sleeping better at night.

Now back to the week at hand.

After we said goodbye to Amy to board her plane, it was time for the “Only The Yeager Boys” Week. That’s what Noah is calling it.

What would we do pass the time? Invade my sister’s house, of course.

Morgan and Noah play games to pass some time.

We went to see cousin Morgan and get a few pictures taken of the boys. Morgan and Noah play well together and that makes it exciting for Noah as he has some one to play with that’s not his Dad.

Then dinner with Xavier and we had the day wrapped.

Bring on tomorrow.

Amy thinks I’ll post more here and do more movies. We’ll see.

Consider this a warning.

The neighbors have been told to just ignore any fires they may see here at the house.

It is time to go to bed. Levi is sure to awaken 3 times overnight.

But I’m not complaining. This is what is so fun about being a Dad. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

How did Day 2 go?


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