Levi and Noah – Feb. 21, 2010

Noah (3) and Levi (4 months) photo taken Friday, February 19, 2010

It was another big week for Levi and Noah.
Really it is Levi who is having the big week. But that’s to be expected because he’s developing at a faster pace as every day is a new experience.

Our biggest breakthrough this week was on sleeping.
For now 3 out of 4 nights, Levi has basically slept through the night. We’ve had to go in a couple of times to put a pacifier back, but then Levi goes back to sleep. Friday night he did regress, but we’ll take any progress on that front. So will Amy, who actually slept more than 3 hours in a row the other night. She’s always hearing Levi well before I do.

I have a few pictures, but this first one is from Friday. I take Noah and Levi to daycare most days, so occasionally I will try to take a few pictures if time allows. Usually, Levi is at his best in the morning so we try a few shots then. This was one of the first times that Levi could sit by himself in a chair. He’s being able to sit up for a few moments, but I have to help him get there and it usually helps if there’s something to lean on.

Levi gives out a big smile on February 20, 2010

Amy took Noah grocery shopping on Saturday, so I took the chance to get a few pics with Levi as Noah can be a distraction. However, Levi does give big smiles when Noah talks to him.

This picture of Levi makes me think of the smiles that Noah used to give at an early age. Noah was such a ham, still is, when it came to making him smile. Levi is just a little slower to develop on the smiles, but he’s closing fast. Levi will usually smile big when in church when he can look around at people. Just like he did at his baptism when people still go, hey, he’s the smiling baby. I wrote about that day in this post.

Noah tries out his pirate face
Noah is still trying to be like a pirate.

Noah was busy making a pirate outfit for “dress like a pirate day.” That will be later in the week at his day care. It is not “International Talk Like a Pirate Day, or as we like to call it, Michael Van Gorkom Day, but it works the same. That’s how I remember VG’s birthday. Levi was almost born on that day.

This video is a little fuzzy as the free iPhone camcorder app just doesn’t always catch fast motion so well. But the audio is good.

Earlier in the week, we started feeding Levi cereal. Or at least trying to. After a couple bites the other night, I just left Levi in his high chair and Levi decided to eat his fingers.

Here again another video clip, but listen for the audio of Levi talking. He is a Yeager.

Noah, Brian, Levi and Maddox

Also on Saturday we did have a few visitors. My younger sister Kris brought her son, Maddox and husband Brian to the house. Brian tried to hold all three boys. Maddox turned one in November. Those are the youngest 3 grandchildren on the Yeager side and the three boys. The three girls are older, then the wild boys. I think we have no idea what we’re in for very soon.

Later in the evening Michael and Jen stopped by. Noah, as usual was the entertainment.

I know very few people care about my boys, but this is my chance to write down what they’re doing, when they are doing it.

If we are Facebook friends, you can view a couple of new albums I posted with the boys. I wanted Levi to sleep longer than his normal 25 minute nap, so while holding a sleeping baby, I was able to post a few pictures.


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