February Hats

Elizabeth Klinge - WHO-TV Des Moines

I had to do it.

After many great posts and polls, I’ve found more pictures of hats to share with the world.

I’ve held off as long as possible, but this time away has also given TV reporters to get new lids and see if the hat patrol caught them in the act of wearing that new hat.

Geoff Greenwood - KCCI-TV Des Moines

We’ve got a new entry this time. Mr. Geoff Greenwood of KCCI-TV in Des Moines is seen here to the right. Geoff has covered several snow storms in his day and is a hard working and very organized reporter. He serves at the expanded media coverage coordinator for this district. He’s always good to work with on things.

Emily Carlson - WHO-TV Des Moines

Emily Carlson of WHO-TV is back in this round with a new hat. She appears to be out in the conditions the most this season. And that’s been quite the season as we’ve had near-record snowfall this season. More on that in a moment with a graphic that Ed Wilson of WHO-TV put up Monday night. You know, Ed, I’ve yet to see you in the elements this season. This would be a good time to get your entry together for next year’s Iowa Broadcast News Association‘s Excellence in Weather Coverage category.

Keri Gavin - KCCI-TV Des Moines

Keri Gavin’s entry is more of a fit for construction season, but it counts as a fun hat.
We did have a few past entrants who have been trying to enhance their google search results and we’re always pleased with the hit counts to the site.

We are working on an upcoming Iowa Journal about the potential for flood this spring in light of all this snow we’ve received. The post was made Monday.

Danielle Wagner - KWWL-TV Waterloo

Thanks to my friend Michael Graham for coming through with this picture from the Waterloo/Cedar Rapids TV market.
Here’s Danielle Wagner of KWWL-TV and her hat. That’s a hat that matches the coat. That should get some bonus points for the effort.

This is also her first entry into the Mad Hat-ness.
We did have several KCRG and KWWL entries before, but not anything from KGAN… ahem, cough, ahem.

Courtney Baker - WHBF-TV Rock Island

And I had to make a stop in the Quad Cities for another WHBF-TV entry. This time Courtney Baker is outside the front door of the Rock Island studios. I guess that makes it easy to get to the District when you have a front porch live shot.

At least the camera is pointed down the street and not with the station as the backdrop.

If you remember, the last entry for WHBF looked a lot like Britney Spears.

9th Snowiest Winter on record at 58 inches.

About the weather. Ed Wilson posted this chart on Monday, February 15th, 2010 to show where we are at for record snow fall. At least now, we’re in the Top Ten all-time snowiest winters. We’ve come this far, we might as well go for broke and hit 72 inches.

KCCI did a story Monday that included lots of numbers. In Des Moines alone the city’s public works department has logged 50,000 hours, 57.5 inches of snow, 80,000 gallons of fuel and spent $4.2 million.

That flood potential show airs Thursday at 8p, by the way, on IPTV.

By the way, February is traditionally the snowiest month of the season. I’m just saying.

If you’ve seen a good entry, drop me a line at yeagerp@hotmail.com and we’ll put together another rundown of hats and reporters. We’ve only got 4 more weeks of winter to go.

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