Flood potential

Snow drifts are everywhere.
All of this snow has got us and everyone else thinking, what is our potential for flooding this spring?

Many of our IPTV family members are headed to Storm Lake and the Iowa Conference Wrestling tournament that will be recorded tomorrow, but air next week. One of the crew guys said on his scout 2 weeks ago was that the snow was super high along highway 71 from Carroll to Lake View on up to Storm Lake.

Today they make their trip again to Buena Vista, so we’ll see how much snow has been added to the ditches.

Remember, what snow and rain happens to the north and west of you usually comes back to you anyway in the form of water.

If all of this snow melts at a nice, slow pace, we’ll be fine. Until we get some rain on top of the already wet ground. The more snow, then more rain, then more problems.

This week we’ll look at flood potential and what’s been done to get us ready to avoid another flood of 2008.

I’ll take your questions here for our guests. I’ll likely get the official press release out later today.

-Update- Here’s the post on the official press release.


One thought on “Flood potential

  1. Elwynn Taylor, a professor of Agricultural Meteorology at Iowa State University, said this in the June 11, 2008 edition of The Des Moines Register, explaining that the wet spring of 2008 was traceable to relatively warm and wet air over the winter:

    “Fog in the winter is normally the result of a strong flow of warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, which normally does not occur in the winter,” he said. “Usually that occurs in March and April. It’s caused by either low pressure over New Mexico or high pressure over Bermuda. Both are common in the summer. Both are rare in the winter. More than 80 percent of moisture that falls in the Midwest is from the Gulf of Mexico, and the primary cause of it coming here is the Bermuda high pressure. The pressure arrived very early and much stronger than usual by April and May this year. And it was the case in 1993.”

    Is this also the case this year?

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