TIJ Iowa’s Unemployed

The original broadcast of the Iowa Journal took place Thursday night at 8p on Iowa Public Television.

Connor G of Fairfield gets a feel for running an IPTV camera. He was very interested in our gear and even followed us around with a camera he made of Legos.

We looked at those that are unemployed in Iowa and how are they dealing with the situation. The Green’s of Fairfield were our first stop. Jen and Shawn were very welcoming into their home and to tell their story. Jen turned to blogging at UnemployedInIowa after Shawn was laid off in November.

Shawn will now be going back to school at Indian Hills Community College to study computer programming. Jen wrote a post about how things are looking up in their lives right now. That great read can be found here.

The picture to the left is of Connor who was very interested in becoming a camera operator. He didn’t make the video piece as much, but he’s getting the love here in this picture. He was a good help and was absolutely amazed at our camera that Steve was operating that day. You can read about our trip to the Green’s from Jen’s post of that day.

Our discussion set up piece also featured Suzanne Hull and her networking events that she puts together through her blog called Unemployed In Des Moines. Hull has now started to work for herself in a business called Contemporary Business Solutions.

Our guests of Michael Wilkinson, Amanda Jones and Dr. Susan Schiltz-Day had some very good points to share with our audience from the work service, emotional and financial angles of unemployment.

We talked about knowing what your insurance situation is and relating it to Cobra coverage. Also what are you immediate needs like food, heat and electricity. Jones said its a good idea to have savings that equals six months of expenses as back up for the unexpected. Dr. Schiltz-Day added that its not all about you in this time of unemployment. You are not alone in this experience and need to set ego aside when it comes for looking for work. If friends and family don’t know you’re out of work, then they can’t help you.

Wilkinson of Iowa Works added that fields that do have brighter future are the info technology and anything around the green movement. He did not mention manufacturing. He also added that there’s Pell Grants, see Jen Green’s blog about that, and financial aid help for those going back to school.

We did cover a lot more ground about employers appearing to have an upper hand right now in hiring. We also talked about who is without work.

You can watch the entire show here.
Or you can warm up with the feature here.

We also are continuing to preview Iowa’s Simple Pleasures. The story was on the Wabash trail and includes a good story about bike riding in Iowa.

The show rebroadcast is Friday night at 630p on IPTV.
Next week we’ll be talking about flood potential following all this snow we’ve had this winter.

If you would like to be included on emails about the Iowa Journal, just send me an email to paul.yeager@iptv.org and I’ll get you added to our list.

You can also find us on Twitter here.

As always, please tell your friends and tell us what you think about the program.


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