What unemployment questions do you have?

We are getting ready to record our Iowa Journal on Unemployment in Iowa.

We are looking to answer as many questions as possible that will help you.

Here’s our panel and their backgrounds in jobs, financial advising and emotional effects of unemployment. Post your question to me and we’ll do our best to get it answered.

Guests in the studio will be Mike Wilkinson, regional area coordinator for Iowa Works; Amanda Jones of Veridian Credit Union, who teaches classes on managing finances after layoffs and provides instruction on budgeting and conserving cash if the job loss extends for a long period of time; and Susan Schiltz-Day, is a counselor, assisting people to maintain their emotional health regarding a wide variety of issues, including loss. Schiltz-Day works for both Des Moines University and Wadle & Associates.

You can learn more about our full program here.

Send me your questions to paul.yeager@iptv.org or post them in the comments so others can see the question. Even if you are outside of Iowa, your question still may be very relevant to share and ask.

We are recording around 330p on Thursday in Johnston. If you see this after the fact, still drop me a line and we’ll get the questions to appropriate person.

A sample of questions already given to me to ask:
-Do employers have the upper hand in hiring? Can they and are they exploiting the market to say, if you don’t take this job, I’ve got 6 other people who will take it and like the 12 month probation and no health benefits in the first 18 months?
-How much savings should I have on hand?
-How do I get past ego and ask for help?

If you’ve got others for me to ask, send them my way. Just try to get them to me before 3p on Thursday, February 11.

Thank you for the time.

This week’s Iowa Journal airs at 8p on Iowa Public Television and Friday at 630p and will live on http://www.iptv.org/iowa journal for you to see and share.

You can read more about the broadcast and how it turned out here.


One thought on “What unemployment questions do you have?

  1. It bothers me to see artists imported from out of state when local Iowa artists/companies can fill needs equally well.
    This causes local money to go out of state.
    Why don’t companies seek local talent first?

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