Backwards Alphabet

Spending time away from your kids is always hard. And sometimes, you miss stuff. This was the case Saturday.

It was meeting day for the Iowa Broadcast News Association. Huge thanks to Amy for taking care of the boys by herself for the whole day.

The IBNA meetings are fun and a good chance to reconnect with friends from the industry who are across the state. Even Jim Mertens of WQAD in Moline. We discussed expanding the news contest to include on-line entries and websites. More on that later. But, if you work for or and make original news content, there will likely be a contest category for you next year.

Anyway, back to the boys.

I missed Levi’s first rollover and Noah’s talent of saying the alphabet backwards.

So today we turned on the Ustream and recorded Noah singing his backwards song. Here’s the YouTube version.

Same version, but sometimes not everyone can load one of them.

There’s no video of Levi rolling over, yet, but we’ll get to that when he does it more regularly.

Here’s my Ustream feed. Or you can watch YouTube if that loads faster. The YouTube feed has more videos of better quality and some different videos of the boys. Enjoy.


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