Tax Credits and Pilot Knob on The Iowa Journal

Thursday’s episode of The Iowa Journal looks at how a call for reforms in tax credits may affect Iowa’s business climate as well as affect the state budget for services Iowans depend upon. The show also previews a story from an upcoming Iowa Public Television series, “Iowa’s Simple Pleasures”. We’ll head to Hancock County and a story on Pilot Knob State Park.

But, its tax credits are again the topic of the Iowa Journal tonight.

Before you hit delete, hear me out.

That is actually our first question tonight in the program. Or is it?

As taxpayers, we all want to know where our money is going and if it is being used wisely and for the greater good for our state.

We bring back the topic to a new panel. The first one aired in November. You can watch that one here.

Today we look at exact points and potential overhauls offered by Governor Culver.

Sen. Joe Bolkcom from Iowa City is chair of the Senate Ways and Means committee. Ed Wallace is the president of the Iowa Taxpayers Association and Victor Elias is with the Iowa Fiscal Partnership and the Child and Family Policy Center.

We looked at the specific goals laid out by the governor and how realistic those are to get done by the end of the session.

What is the biggest issue under discussion tonight? It involves the research tax credit. The discussion did get going on that during our broadcast tonight at 8p. You can see it then and Friday at 630p on Iowa Public Television. The show will be posted by the afternoon on Friday, so you can watch then and offer points.

How are we doing on the program? Let us know by sending a note to You can follow us on Twitter as well at @IowaJournal

Next week we talk about the unemployed in Iowa and what’s being done to help get them back into the workforce. We head to Fairfield and Des Moines for a look at two stories of networking at a different levels and stories of unemployment. If you’ve got stories we need to hear about or questions to ask, or even what services will help you most in getting back to employment, send us a note to

We’ve already had our trip blogged about here. Unemployed in Iowa wrote about our visit with them on Wednesday. We also are featuring the efforts of UnemployedinDesMoines. You can read those posts here.

The Journal Monkey got excited when he saw very little snow south of Oskaloosa.

Thank you so much for the time.


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