Unemployed in Iowa

We are making gains in our effort to put together a new “Unemployed in Iowa” Iowa Journal program set to air February 11th at 8p on Iowa Public Television.

Who would have thought I could pull of a double Iowa-Iowa sentence? Not me.

Thanks to great leads from several of you who commented to my email inbox or on one of the 12 social media outlets that I’m on today. Here’s a post with some background on our efforts. That includes a look at the issue in May, 2009.

We are headed to Fairfield to talk to the Green family of Jen and Shawn. You can read about their situation here on this blog or even join their Facebook fan page. You can follow Jen on Twitter as well @Jenners26

The Ottumwa Courier did a story on them as well. Matt Milner wrote the story. He’s a friend of the Iowa Journal who was on with James Lynch of the Cedar Rapids Gazette for our 2nd Congressional District profile.

We’ll be in Fairfield on Wednesday.
Then on Thursday we hopefully will be at the Smokey Row Coffee shop to a networking event. We hope to find a couple more people to profile as well.

Here’s the official description from the Unemployed in Des Moines website.

Feb. 4th, 9am-noon, Unemployed in Des Moines Networking, Smokey Row. John Stein, owner of Stein’s Way, a learning and development firm based in central Iowa. During his program, we will read and discuss the article “The Importance of a Vision” and then spend time creating our own powerful three year visions, both personal and professional visions. We will then look at how to break that vision down so that it becomes part of our quarterly, monthly, daily reality. Finally, we will take the Clean Sweep 100 to determine any tolerations that might be getting in the way of our success. FREE

If you seen Suzanne Hull’s picture and think she looks familiar, then you’ve been watching CBS News when they featured her networking efforts or watched the Wartburg Dance Team in the late 90s.

Next we are looking for guests for our discussion. I think we may head into the personal finance arena. What types of things should you be doing with your 401k? Should I sign up for insurance? How do I make a budget and how long do I plan to live without an income?

What can we do to help you? What things do Iowans need to know about your situation?

We are still looking for other ideas on guests or types of guests that would be the most beneficial to those without work. Ideas? Again, drop them to me here at IPTV at paul.yeager@iptv.org. This is for a show to air Thursday, February 11 at 8p and February 12th at 630p.

Thanks again for your help.


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