Iowa Journal to look at Unemployment in Iowa

We are working to make the February 11th Iowa Journal a program about unemployment here in Iowa.

We have done a couple of shows close to this same topic before. One was back in May with Rob Denson of DMACC, Elisabeth Buck of Iowa Workforce Development, Adam Carroll, personal financial consultant and Jim Adams from Lutheran Church of Hope and their Hope at work program.

That show was more about coping with financial difficulties.

Now we need to focus on unemployment. This show will hopefully help people find a job or help those skills to get a job.

I’m looking for someone who is looking for a job in Iowa. What are you doing to find work? What resources have been helpful? Not so helpful? What has frustrated you in the job search? This would be someone we could feature in our set up piece to our discussion. I would need about 3-4 hours of someone’s time this week, preferably Wednesday, February 3rd.

We’re also looking for panelists on the program. What state-run departments have been most helpful? Which programs are helping people find work? Who is helping people find jobs in Iowa?

What areas of the state are not struggling as much? Who has lower unemployment levels?

Have you seen this video before?

Please send me your information in an email to

If you’ve got resources to help others, post them in the comments so all can utilize the services.

Here’s an update on our efforts.


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