The Iowa Journal looks at the Vision for Iowa

Judy Blank, Daniel Shipton, Michael Gartner, M. Shawn Crahan, Kesho Scott, Nancy Crowfoot, Paul Yeager following the taping of The Iowa Journal episode #317. Show recorded in Johnston, IA at IPTV studios. (Credit: Iowa Public Television)
Thanks to all who watched our Vision for Iowa program that aired Thursday. Here’s a look at the producers of the show and the guests.

We’ve had a couple of stories about the preview to the show. Here’s my take, here is the version the Silicon Prairie News website posted on us.

You still have a few chances to see the show in full HD on IPTV.

The Iowa Journal will air Friday night at 630p on Iowa Public Television ahead of the Penn State @ Iowa wrestling meet.

If you have over the antenna or converter box or access to all 3 Iowa Public Television signals you can watch the rebroadcast Saturday morning on our .3 service. So, if you’re in Raymond, you can watch on 32.3.

Or, you can just click here for the full program that is already on our website. Please, tell your friends. Share with neighbors, then tell us what you think of Michael Gartner‘s big idea for Iowa. Will it work? Not sure what that big idea is? Then you’ll have to watch the program.

What about Slipknot’s M. Shawn Crahan and his view for Iowa. What does he think will solve our problems? Click here to find out.

How about Kesho Scott of Grinnell College? Her views on what great strides Iowa has made were very complimentary to the state. But, does she consider herself an Iowan?

Is Iowa on the road to success or is it a hard road to run like the Brady Street Hill in Davenport?

And Daniel Shipton? Where does he think resources need to go to keep more young people, like him, here in Iowa?

Please visit here and leave your comments about our program. Where did we miss on this show?

Would you like to see what other shows we’ve done on the Iowa Journal? It just so happens there’s a page for that to list all our programs.

Did you know we looked at the Iowa Wine industry?
How about the art in public places including the display in the Pappajohn Art Sculpture?
Autism in Iowa? And we looked at the floods of 2008 and what, if anything can be done to prevent future disasters.

We want to hear that you care about this show and want to see it continue. As of now, we are slated to leave the air in June because of the budget reduction here at IPTV and the State of Iowa. Your comments are valued and appreciated. Again, just drop your comments here about our show. And if you like us, tell your friends about why you think this show is important in discussing topics that have an impact on all Iowans.

Next week we go after tax credits again. This issue is again a hot one in the Iowa Legislature. We visited the topic once, but feel it needs to be looked at again.

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