Longtime Farm Director dies

We’ve lost another member of the long-standing Iowa Broadcasting family.

This time from Mason City and the news of Al Heinz’s death. This was announced Monday.

Al also worked on the TV side of things back in the day when KIMT-TV was known as KGLO-TV.

We’ve also got to mention the passing of the farm broadcaster. There are fewer and fewer of these around Iowa. It used to be you’d watch the noon news to hear ag news. KWWL had Dale Hanson, KGAN had Wage Wagner and those are just the recent names that have been off the air for almost ten years already.

Iowa Broadcasting legend Jack Shelley would be a main part of many Iowan’s mid-day activities as farm operations would stop to hear what the markets were doing and the rest of the world’s news was.

Now farmers get that market information as it happens on their cell phones or on-board computers in their tractors.

At least we still have Market to Market, the longest running agri-business show in the country.

Back to Al’s death. From the folks at the radio ranch of KGLO in Mason City.

Tood Dorman of the Cedar Rapids Gazette grew up in Belmond, a NFL QB’s stone’s throw from Mason City. He wrote this note about Al’s career.

Longtime KGLO Farm Director Al Heinz dies

MASON CITY — A voice heard on radios throughout north-central Iowa for over six decades has been silenced. Word came earlier this morning that longtime KGLO Farm Director Al Heinz has passed away at his winter home in Texas. Heinz came to Mason City and started at KGLO radio back in 1943 and stayed through 1998. Heinz was also the second voice ever heard on what was then known as KGLO television, now KIMT, when the station signed on back in 1954. Heinz says he didn’t even think about being on television when starting his broadcasting career. Chris Frenz worked with Heinz for a number of years and told us earlier today that Heinz was the ultimate professional in his job. Funeral arrangements are incomplete at this time for Al Heinz, and of course we’ll give you the details of those as soon as they become available here on KGLO.

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