What is Iowa’s Future

I gotta tell ‘ya, this upcoming Iowa Journal is a show I really think you should watch.
I think you should watch every show we produce, but this one has something different.

We are looking into the future.
Specifically, what is Iowa’s future?

I will write more as the week goes on, but this show puts the former president of NBC News next to a percussionist of the band Slipknot. The picture alone is worth the tune-in Thursday night at 8p, Friday at 630p on Iowa Public Television.

Daniel Shipton of BitMethod and Impromptu Studio was next to Kesho Scott of Grinnell College. That side of the table was much better looking.

Here’s the official release that is going out now on the inter-webs.

What Is Iowa’s Future?
On the Thursday, January 28 edition
of The Iowa Journal

(Johnston, Iowa) –Thursday’s episode of The Iowa Journal will ask a diverse group of Iowans what they want to see for Iowa’s future. This program airs Thursday, January 28 at 8 p.m. It will be rebroadcast Friday, January 29 at 6:30 p.m. on IPTV and Saturday, January 30 at 8:30 a.m. on IPTV WORLD. It will also be available online at iptv.org/iowajournal.

Iowa faces a recession, unemployment, and out-migration of young people. The Legislature and government leaders work to find solutions. But what solutions can come from the private sector?
In the studio to discuss how to overcome challenging socioeconomic concerns, and who can help harness the state’s potential are four guests:
Michael Gartner is chairman and principal owner of the Iowa Cubs, a member of the Board of Regents, former chairman of Vision Iowa, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.
Kesho Scott is an associate professor of American Studies and Sociology at Grinnell College, a Fulbright Scholar, author and diversity trainer, and winner of the Cristine Wilson Medal for Equality and Justice.
M. Shawn Crahan is a songwriter, producer, director and founder of Sopra Evil Records. He is a founding member of the Grammy award-winning band Slipknot, and is a member of the band Dirty Little Rabbits.
Daniel Shipton is a web and mobile technology entrepreneur. He is CEO at BitMethod, director of operations at Impromptu Studios, and sponsors events aimed at fostering growth of Iowa’s hi-tech industry.
For more information about The Iowa Journal, visit http://www.iptv.org/iowajournal or call (515) 242-3146. For information on how to watch IPTV WORLD in your area, visit Iptv.org.

Here’s a longer version of the above story. Enjoy. Complete with color pictures. I’m amazed at technology today.


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