More Public Cravings

Love the bottom screen crawl.

It seems we’ve had one storm after another whacking us upside the head and knocking us to the ground taking our lunch money. This winter has many in the media working overtime. This week it was the ice.

When working in a newsroom you can get a little burned out on the weather. Especially if you answer the phone for an extended period of time. After awhile you don’t care if Brownie Troop 312 is calling off the skating party, even if you are the station that cares for you.

You’ve heard from what seems everyone and every group out there.

That’s when the pranksters got you. They know you’ve had a long day and they are tired of seeing the endless crawl on tv.

One of the finest assignment editors I had the priveledge of working under was in Davenport. Andrea Davidson was cool under pressure and had a good sense about her while on the desk.

But after a long stretch of answering the phones one got by her and onto the air.

She wasn’t craving any thing more than her head to stop processing all the cancellations.

We are not sure how many times this particular closing ran. But we did find out that people actually read the crawl at the bottom of the screen.

Craven Moorehead Accounting Service closed early that day. We are not sure if it was a franchise business. But I’m sure there would be plenty of guys looking to invest in such a company.

This may a close second. It comes to us from Robert Fisher in North Iowa and KRIB/KGLO and the 12 other stations he does news for.

Robert Fisher: “I’ve been told that on a radio station outside of our market, this weather related announcement was said on the air….”Today’s smoking cessation class has been cancelled….so smoke’em if you got’em”….DOH!”


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