Great talent here in Iowa

There is talent in all corners of Iowa. The talent isn’t just math brains or a jump shot, but now the world of design is taking notice of some Iowa talent.

Mark Roberts of the Cedar Rapids-based Larry Roberts Interiors company, needs your help.

Mark is a finalist in the Traditional Home’s Top 20 Young Designers in the U.S. contest. Mark is an Iowa State University alumnus, based in Cedar Rapids, married to a Wartburg graduate (Kris Erickson) from Denver, Iowa, (tough for a Jesup guy to admit). Plus his father-in-law is the ever cool Virg Erickson. Sister Lis is like my 4th sister. Great family and plenty of reasons for all parts of Iowa to care.

Please take time to vote for Mark and his design. If he wins, he may redesign one of your rooms.

Here’s a link to the press release.
Here’s Lis’ note.

Hi everyone!

My brother-in-law, Mark Roberts, has been named one of Traditional Home’s Top 20 Young Designers in the U.S. – which pretty much rocks for an Iowa State alumnus whose business is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. But in addition to being one of the top 20, there’s also a readers’ choice contest. Can you please take three minutes to register & vote for Mark?

You might even be selected to have him redesign a room, if he wins. And you know how competitive the Ericksons are, so Kris & I REALLY WANT him to win.

If you want to check out other awesome work Mark has done, go to There’s more info in the press release, too…


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