Chronic Care re-air

75 percent of the nation’s health care spending goes to the treatment of chronic diseases. Can such ongoing health issues be treated in a way to reduce health care costs and improve quality of life?

Tonight the Iowa Journal is looking at chronic conditions, especially how to handle them.

That is our topic tonight in this rebroadcast of the The Iowa Journal. If you can’t wait until 830p tonight, special time by the way, you can watch it here, now.

Here’s another scary line from the program. The Centers for Disease Control says in the taxpayer-supported health care programs, 96 cents per dollar of Medicare and 83 cents per dollar of Medicaid goes toward treatment of chronic disease.

Our discussion was set up by a look at a program offered by the state of Iowa that helps in ways to deal with chronic fatigue, pain, shortness of breath, or other symptoms that come from a physical condition a person may have had for years.

Then we look at a camp that helps those with childhood diabetes.

The guests in studio were as follows: Bill Applegate, he’s executive director of the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium. Kathy Leggett is director of the Center for Advocacy and Outreach at blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines. And Helen Eddy is assistant vice president of health and wellness for Hy-Vee, Inc.

Give us a look tonight, tell your friends. Visit our website. Tell our bosses you like the show.

We are on at a special time tonight of 8:30p but will be on Friday at 6:30p like normal. Also 8:30a on Saturday on our .3 service.

Next week we look at the future of the state. What are we doing right? What hurdles do we need to clear to be even better?


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