Ice Storm 2010

I’ve seen fire and rain plus some snow, now it is time to add ice to that mix.

We have a mess here in Central Iowa and many parts of the state today.

I’ll try to keep you updated on what’s happening from my little corner of the world. It is now time to take the boys to school (daycare, which is open) so I can get some work done today.

If you work in the weather business, you can safely say, business is good.

Oh, I’ll try to keep the Vanilla Ice references to a minimum. We will leave that to Milli Vanilli and just blame it on the rain.

Ice on the deck, 830a Jan 20, 2010

Update: 9a Wednesday
I’ve returned from taking the boys to daycare. Getting out the driveway was fun, but I’m glad I didn’t have to stop suddenly. Even the side streets were fine as they had been treated a bit, or just the traffic had helped break up the ice. The busier roads were slushy, but not that slick. The driving rain was the biggest hassle.
The picture is from my deck and the icicles hanging down. I’ll see if that progresses as the day goes on today.

Honeycombing starting to occur on back deck, 2p, Wednesday.

Update 2p: The rain has stopped and the melting is slowly happening. My driveway is starting to have some openings under the ice, which gives me a chance to break off the ice in large chunks.

The wind never really blew that hard here, but there is still some time left before we’re out of the woods. Time now to attack the driveway again.

The picture is again from the back deck, the lighter color is ice that can be chipped away.
Look soon for my favorite weather-related closing story from my days at KWQC. Also, there’s a new entry into the folklore.

The new post is up about KWQC and a new entry.


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