The Iowa Journal Future and Natural Heritage

The Iowa Journal is still producing new shows, just not as many as before. Tonight would be one of those you may have seen before. More on that in a moment.

If you missed the previous airing and didn’t watch on-line at, we’ll bring it to you tonight in full HD on IPTV at 8p.

Here’s the link to the official release of the show.

Tonight and Friday night at 630p, we take a look at Iowa in the great outdoors. Iowa has some beautiful spots and there’s a lot to see and do here. But what could be done to enhance what we’ve got so far?

Back to the future of the Iowa Journal.

The economy is still in a downward cycle as far as state funding goes. Governor Chet Culver’s Condition of the State, which by the way you can view here, mentioned no turning of the direction of reduced funding for state agencies. We get a lot of our money from the state, but not all.

One of the previous 10% cuts was the future of the Iowa Journal. As it stands right now, the Iowa Journal will end production in its current format of a weekly show looking at varied topics across Iowa, at the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2010.

I’d like to think we’ve made a difference in educating you about things in Iowa you may not have known, places you’ve not been, people you’ve not met and topics you didn’t think had relevance to Iowa. Hopefully, you knew about those things and learned something new after watching our show.

If you like our program The Iowa Journal, think we do some good in all the clutter of communication out there today, please let us know.

You can visit our IPTV contact page here. You can find email addresses of our management team. Let them know what you think about our show. If you want us to go away, say so. If you want to see more, say so.

You can also see where to make a contribution to our program to any of our programs here at IPTV.

You can send an email or letter to IPTV. Just use this email:

For the record, I still have a job. I know many media friends have lost them. But this isn’t about me, it is about a show informing and educating Iowans.

Thank you for your time. It means a lot.


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