NBC does it again

30 Rock, NBC HQ, New York
Way to go NBC!

You’ve probably sent another great host down the road over Jay Leno.

I do have to say in NBC’s defense, Leno at 1035 was beating Letterman every night since the famous Hugh Grant interview in 1993.

Leno did win the timeslot at 1030. Just not at 9p. Leno’s early show was causing issues for NBC affiliates and their late local news at 10p. I covered more on this topic earlier in the week.

But is it really NBC? Or, was it more Jeff Zucker, the wunderkid who runs the network, at fault? This Gawker article lays out a few issues with the top banana. Zucker chairs NBC Universal.

NBC's Today Show outdoor plaza, August, 2007
He rose from the Today Show where he kept adding hours to the program, not developing new, just adding to the existing franchise. Seeing a trend?

Again, refer to the earlier post this week.

Jay will probably climb back to top dog against Dave, but the damage may already be done. What will the promos look like now? Welcome back the guy we bumped once back to the Tonight Show! I wonder which set Jay will use, Conan’s, or the current set he’s got at 9p.


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