All HD at WHO-TV

News today that Des Moines NBC affiliate WHO-TV will be making the switch to all programming in High Definition come April.

The article is posted in and can be read in full here.

Here’s a clip of the story.

Local TV’s WHO Des Moines, Iowa (DMA 72) claimed today that it will be “the first commercial television station in Iowa to broadcast in total high definition.” From news reports in the field and studio cameras to commercials and state-of-the-art HD weather technology, WHO will be able to broadcast it all in high def starting in April.

For the record, I have been an employee of WHO-TV. You can read more about my past here in my bio page if you are needing something to help fall asleep.

WHO-TV has been making a move to local HD news gathering for more than a year with segments that are all HD during their newscasts. I believe they try for 1 HD story a night at 10P. This is has been good for getting some HD tape in the library when they make the full switch so it won’t seem like all the past existed in standard def.

KCCI-TV has tried doing some local news stories in HD, but not on near the regular basis that WHO-TV has been doing.

KWWL-TV in Waterloo also made HD news back in December by announcing they too will be going to HD newscasts beginning in April, 2010.

Iowa Public Television has been doing local production in High Definition for years. We are partially funded by the State of Iowa and are a public TV station. The Iowa Journal has been in full HD since August of 2008. Prior to that, field pieces were shot in HD, but downconverted to standard-definition format for broadcast.


KWWL-TV will only be going HD in studio and not in-field production. So now we can see Ron Steele in HD. That’s Must See TV!

–Update 2—

WHO-TV needs to center and pan their audio on the HD packages. My system puts the voice track on the left channel and the SOTs on the right. Nats, your guess is as good as theirs.

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