Who gets in the Hall of Fame first?

Mark McGwire admitted to using steroids during most of his playing career, including during his historic home run race with Sammy Sosa.

As my friend Michael Graham said Monday, “John Kruk just admitted to eating pounds and pounds of bacon.”

Enough said.

I’m glad that McGwire admitted his use, but I wish it came at the time of the congressional hearings and not as he was about to head to Florida to open spring training for the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Winter Warm Up is this weekend in St. Louis. I’m sure it will be talked about a bit, but now the management staff that holds sessions with fans can start answering the questions about what happens next instead of when will MM talk to the media.

Quick poll.
Who gets into the Hall of Fame first, Pete Rose or Mark McGwire? McGwire may not have the numbers to get into the Hall, so it may be a moot question, but one you can discuss.

Who gets into the Hall of Fame first?


3 thoughts on “Who gets in the Hall of Fame first?

  1. Keep both the bums out. At the very least, Shoeless Joe Jackson goes in before either knucklehead Mark or knucklehead Pete.

  2. I would go along with Mr. Graham, and select C.

    With that in mind, isn’t long overdue for the HOF to make alterations to the requirements? The kook in me says that Pete should get in “as a player” for he didn’t bet on baseball during the playing part of his career.

    It was during his tenure as a “manager” that his gambling became an issue and ultimately, waging bets on his team resulted in him getting in trouble.

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