Levi and Noah

Noah and Levi getting ready for school, January 11th, 2010 in Ankeny, Iowa.

When we told Noah he was going to be a big brother, we were a bit worried.

Worried how Noah would handle the attention deflection.
Worried what Noah may do to a new baby.
Worried if Noah would grow up to be the next Andrew Gold and write a song called Lonely Boy 2.

So far, Noah has gone beyond our expectations as a big brother.

I can remember telling Noah the day Levi was born that he had a brother, he was born and that he was a big brother. Noah jumped up and down at the news that really wasn’t news, but just having the actual event happen, Noah was excited.

We’ve tried to include Noah in our Levi activities from getting diapers, to getting a pacifier to even examining his ears.

Take this video for instance. (If you’re blocked from viewing YouTube, try the UStream feed.)

Noah likes to get up close to Levi when its time to change a diaper. Tonight was no different, just Noah wanted to do an exam on Levi.

Sorry about the video being a little shaky, but sometimes pulling the video camera is not as fun as recording to UStream.

The top picture is from Monday morning as the boys were about to go to school.

Levi Yeager (3.5 months), January 10th, 2010, Ankeny, IA.

The next couple of pictures are from Sunday. I did post them on their Twitter pages.
It may seem weird for the twitter feeds for the boys, but this is my way of keeping significant moments of the boys shared with friends and family. I stole the idea from a newspaper/new media guy in New Jersey who commented how his 3-year-old makes some funny statements and twitter seemed like the logical way to preserve those moments. That is so true. Now I have an electronic diary of sorts about the boys’ happenings and sayings.

Noah can be followed at http://www.twitter.com/NoahYeager and Levi can be followed at http://www.twitter.com/LeviYeager.

Levi’s picture makes him look older than his 3.5 months that he is. The angle of the picture makes him look like he’s got no hair, but that’s not the case. He has quite the head of dark hair.

Noah Yeager (3.5 years), January 10th, 2010, Ankeny, IA

Noah is growing up fast. His brown eyes have gotten even more brown. His facial expressions are priceless and I’m pretty sure I don’t want him to get any older. He absolutely fun and sweet right now.

Thanks for letting a dad gush about his boys. I did the same thing last week when Levi started going to daycare.
And all of this is possible because their mother is amazing and has done a wonderful job with them.


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