Announcing Dan’s Library Road Trip 2010

Dan Wardell, reading road trip, Ankeny, 2009.

Our friend Dan Wardell has set the dates for his 2010 Reading Road Trip around to Iowa’s libraries.

This is the time Dan gets to every corner of the state, packs local libraries and tells a story to the children and caregivers who come. It is a presentation full of energy and fun for everyone who comes. If you’ve not seen him in action, I recommend spending a couple of hours taking your children or someone else’s children to see him.

He and the IPTV staffmember that travels with him will bring a gift for those in attendance. Last year it was a kazoo that went home with the kids. I was told by some parents the kazoo was great, but somehow “disappeared” after a day or two in the house.

Noah plays his kazoo that Dan gave him. His really did break, even without "help" from mom or dad.

Noah has gone twice to see Dan in action. Last year I got to experience Dan first hand for myself in Ankeny. Great crowd. We were super early, meeting Dan in the parking lot. So, Noah got to help bring in the batteries for the show. Noah still talks about that to this day.

Last year’s story focused on a squid attack. Dan said if you watch too much TV, squid will form in your mouth and take over your body. We still use that today. If we feel Noah’s watched too much TV, we have him open his mouth and then say, “yup, I can see a squid starting to take hold there, no more TV for awhile. Let’s go play.”

The Reading Road Trip is a great event and a chance to see a true talent in person. This is a huge outreach event for IPTV. He makes it to all corners of the state, large or small libraries and packs nearly every place he plays. Did I mention this is free?

Dan and I go back a few years to our days as Communication Arts majors at Wartburg College. We were students of Grant Price. We took different paths before reuniting here at Iowa Public Television.

Thursday Dan announced his selections for this year. He’s got great stories about librarians who will make requests for him to visit their library.

Dan opens the process on January 1. Last year, he received a request at 12:01 AM, January 1. So, there’s a bit of a demand for him in some areas.

He went through Facebook to announce some of the stops and show some of the method to his madness. Here is the first round of stops.

Grimes Public Library,
Sanborn Public Library,
Eldridge Public Library,
Spirit Lake Public Library,
Colfax Public Library,
Algona Public Library,
Ericson Public Library,
Le Mars Public Library,
Sioux City Public Library,
Marshalltown Public Library,
Vinton Public Library,
Carnegie – Stout Public Library,
Fort Dodge Public Library,
Urbandale Public Library,
Johnston Public Library,
Newton Public Library,
Coralville Public Library,
Pella Public Library,
Iowa City Public Library,
Council Bluffs Public Library,
Cedar Falls Public Library,
Cedar Rapids Public Library,
Ames Public Library,
Ankeny Public Library,
Des Moines Public Library.

Then, Dan waited almost two hours before announcing the next 25. He then heard from several people making requests to come to their town.

From Dan, round 2:

Here are the next 25: Mediapolis, Keosauqua, Moulton, Eddyville, Keota, Lucas, Murray, Lamoni, Lenox, Essex, Hamburg, Clive, Casey, Kimballton, Lake City, Schleswig, Hawarden, Inwood, Laurens, Woden, Belmond, Alta Vista, West Union, Denver, and Dyersville. These are places that have never had a visit from the summer Reading Road Trip!

The map of Dan's 2010 Reading Road Trip.

And then there were 12 picks remaining. Much of this is centered around travel, schedule and feasibility. But, he does try to make it to as many different towns as possible.

The final 12 will be posted next time here at Public Paul and Media.
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