It’s winter in Iowa and it’s snowing

I80/35 EB approaching 2nd Ave Exit, Des Moines, January 7th, 2010

From our friend Captain David Struckman of the Davenport Police Department. He’s always good for the obvious and using common sense. He’s a good guy and good officer.

It’s winter in IOWA and it’s SNOWING!!

A few things to remember:

  • Plan ahead…slow down, especially when turning or approaching a stop sign or signal, remember stopping distances increase dramatically
  • Drive with your lights on when visibility is less than perfect
  • Do not drive unless ALL of your car windows are completely free of snow and ice
  • Clear snow from and use your windshield wipers as needed
  • Be patient and courteous
  • DO NOT park on a POSTED SNOW ROUTE until the snow has stopped and the roadway has been cleared, curb to curb.
  • Clear your sidewalks as soon as possible; do not throw the snow onto the roadways.  Cleaning your walks makes it possible for pedestrians to use them and not dangerously walk in the streets.
  • When outside, dress appropriately, stay hydrated and rest as needed.
  • Regularly check on elderly friends and relatives and assist them as needed.
  • Do not play near snow plows are construct snow caves near roadways
  • Enjoy the beauty of the snow

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