Big Day for the Yeager’s

Levi (3 mos) and Noah (3.5 years) are ready for school.
It is not quite the start of a school year, but it was a big moment for the Yeager house this AM.
Levi Yeager 3 months old, first day of daycare.

Today was Levi’s first day at daycare. Or, as we call it with Noah, school. It makes me feel less guilty about sending Noah to daycare, so we call it school. Noah does learn with his friends, their letters, numbers and social skills. Levi will soon make those same friends and connections.


Today was the first time I got the boys ready to go to daycare at the same time and the same day. This was Levi’s first day at daycare. It was not as weird as when I did it was Noah because that was the first time. Today was still a memory, so I did get a few pictures.

Soon, I’ll get those first day of school pictures to fill your mail boxes.

Noah Yeager - 3.5 years. I think he needs clothes that fit a bit more.

Noah has been a great big brother up to this point. He still likes helping Levi and his parents when needed. It has made this easier on having a new baby in the house.

Today was also the first day Amy went back to a 5-day work week. She went back for 3 days before the Christmas shutdown.

Now, she’s back in the working game.

Good thing she wasn’t doing drop off today, it would have just added to emotion of the day.

Sunday was also a big day for Levi. It was his baptism. My sisters Julie, Alane and Kristine all served as sponsors for his baptism. Levi was good for most of it.

But, I think it was the time of the start of the baptism ceremony when Levi will be etched into our church’s memory. Levi just let out a huge set of smiles at the pastor at the beginning of the event. I’d never heard a congregation make such noise for a baby before. Maybe I’ve not seen it before because it wasn’t my kid. But, this was certainly a big reaction.

When it came time for the water, Levi seemed to actually like it. Even if Pastor Rick poured what seemed like a pitcher of water on Levi’s head.

Church was followed by a good gathering of the families and Allison’s 9th birthday.

By the way, where did the 3 months go since Levi was born? For that matter, where did the last 3 1/2 years go since Noah was born?

Thanks for letting me indulge a little family time.


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