One of the biggest bits that launched Conan O’Brien’s career was his “In The Year 2000” segments.

At the time, it seemed far away and was fun to think we were changing our years to begin with a 2 and not a 1.

Now the bit is changed and the year 2000 is here and now so is the first decade of the 2000s.

Who remembers where they were 10 years ago?

How many of you were stuck down at a power plant, police station or large ballroom celebration?

How many Y2K ready stories did you do?

Y2K was going to kill us all as none of the 99s would turn to 00 and all computers would shut down and we would have mass chaos.

We all did story after story about Y2K readiness in the water plant, the computers that run traffic lights, even TV towers and equipment that had a date.

At 8a or so when 2000 struck in Australia and nothing happened, we knew we were OK.

But, we still had to move forward with our plans and station people across the viewing area, just in case North Iowa wasn’t ready.

I was working at KIMT-TV in Mason City at the time. I was anchoring that night and had to stay in the newsroom through midnight in case something happened.

Some people were fanned out across the area. I think it was a couple of us watching TV in the newsroom.

Amy and I were dating at the time and she wasn’t going to do anything, so she came in and sat with us in the newsroom while we waited for the ball to drop and nothing to happen.


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