Floppy Still Draws Attention

IPTV Producer Chris Gourley sporting his Floppy t-shirt
Yesterday, the post was about growing up in the 319 area code, you knew about Eliot Keller.

If you grew up in the 515, you knew about Duane and Floppy. It was appointment television before anyone knew what that was.

The little dog who sat through countless bad jokes is getting a run on publicity this week thanks to the release of a movie

Marc Hansen of the Des Moines Register wrote a nice story about Duane and Floppy Film Festival.

The crowd was huge to see the show Tuesday at the State Historical Society. Even WHO-TV did a piece on their former programming pouch.

Jeff Stein was interviewed in the piece and is helping make much of this happen. He too, grew up watching Floppy. Stein is a Wartburg College professor communication arts, IBNA executive secretary and now runs the Archives of Iowa Broadcasting Archives based in Waverly. He also helped make the Film Fest Happen.

I did see the show, but only when we would visit my grandpa in Prairie City. But, I’ve come to know how much the show meant to people who grew up here. During my days at WHO-TV, it wasn’t uncommon to get a call every other week asking if certain Floppy shows were recorded or still around in the archives. Mind you, the show went off the air in 1987.

I’ve also gotten to know Duane’s son at our church, so that’s been a fun connection to make.

When TV13 posts the video, I’ll link it for you to see. If not, I’ve still got it on the TiVo and will have to ustream it so you can see the piece.

Our picture model is Iowa Public Television producer Chris Gourley. Chris now produces on Market to Market here at IPTV. He is another former WHO-TV employee. He said he used to direct the Floppy show when he was at TV13. Today, he’s sporting the Floppy t-shirt.

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