A hoax for TMZ on JFK

Monday found the celebrity gossip site had an exclusive on JFK on a boat with topless women. Here’s my post on it from yesterday including the update.

Turns out, the photo was real, just not JFK on board, but was from a Playboy shoot.


Some of the comments from my series of posts on TMZ found that not all think TMZ’s work is newsworthy. Do we care that a president, dead since 1963, may have been fooling around on his wife?

I was thinking about this type of story this morning after getting a note from my co-worker Steve Carns.

A different time Paul. You and I would have ignored this story 60 yrs ago, just like we would have ignored the personal lives of FDR and his wife.

Is that true? Did the media ignore it? Or did that type of reporting not happen.

You hear how our country has lost its morals somewhere since then as people are getting divorces, having children out of wedlock or just plain fooling around with everyone.

Did we?

Or did that happen and we just didn’t say anything, report on it, or even do stories on that type of behavior?

Did our politicians and people of power behave in a clean manner? Or did we just not report on their private lives?

Was it news?
Is it news?


4 thoughts on “A hoax for TMZ on JFK

  1. Paul, interesting post. Perhaps our nation is simply “over everything”? At one time we had respect for the private lives of people and there was the thought that even flawed people can be good leaders, etc. Now…everything is questioned… In the end…is it good? Not so sure..

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