This is very weird that I write this note.

Just Saturday I had a conversation with family about TMZ and JFK.

I said, the world may be different if TMZ was around when JFK was in the Senate and when he running for president and then was president. I know I’m not the first one to say it and the statement was met with confirmation of, yup, no way JFK is elected if it were today.

There were always whispers about side dishes with JFK. But was there any concrete proof?

If the media hadn’t looked the other way, would he have been elected president? Did the media look the other way?

Who says its just now that you can’t let it all hang out now with everyone having a cell phone camera?

Apparently, JFK did let it hang out and now there’s a picture that TMZ says is authentic. Check out this story with a picture from 1956 (which we now know is from a Playboy photo shoot).

You decide when you click here to look at the TMZ story.

According to the Drudge Report, who’s citing The Smoking Gun website, the TMZ-JFK picture is a hoax.

But it still starts the discussion, IF TMZ were around during JFK’s time, would he have been elected president?

–Update from the Past–
I did do a couple of posts about TMZ in the last few days.
One was on how TMZ is changing reporting.
And Production Innovations is here.
And here are the comments.


One thought on “TMZ and JFK

  1. In my opinion, it isn’t TMZ but technology. If you put that same JFK picture on this blog it would get attention. I don’t go to TMZ on a regular basis so I wouldn’t be aware of this story if it weren’t for technology like twitter that lead me to this blog which then lead me to the TMZ site.

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