Working Christmas Day

KIMT-TV studios, Mason City, IA

Welcome to Christmas Day. Merry Christmas. Now get to work.


Plenty of fields of work will require some work on the holiday.

Those fields may be snowplow drivers, police, fire, dispatch, Quick Trip clerks, pastor’s, medical staff and reporters.

Getting into media, you know that’s part of the deal.

I’ve talked about working Thanksgiving before.

Yesterday, it was about working Christmas Eve. That’s when the focus hits the night and the activities that go with it.

But there’s a whole new set of stories involving working Christmas Day. For many, the day begins early in the morning when you open presents then break them by 630a.

If you’re doing the morning news, you’ve really started late Christmas Eve and hope that 5 people are watching or listening. This year, those newscasts will have significantly more people watching with the midwest weather system taking hold.

When I started at KIMT in the late 90s, the Christmas Day newscasts were usually cancelled in the morning and sometimes you only had the 10p that night. That was nice to allow as many people the opportunity to be with family. I’ve even heard of stations canceling all newscasts for that day.

Many people are in good moods who are working the holiday. As Megan Salois says, people are more relaxed and just having fun working with their second family.

But, not everyone is so full of Christmas cheer.

KWAY AM/FM Waverly, IA

One of my favorite holiday working stories again comes from KWAY in Waverly.


Bob Foster told me this story during my time working with him at KWAY and doing Wartburg football.

He said a guy was working Christmas Eve at the station and was doing the sign off that night. The employee may not have wanted to work that night. The employee signed off for the night and just left the doors open. Not just unlocked, but wide open to let the good Iowa air into the building. And snow. And cold. And whatever creatures decided to come in the door.

I think it was more than Butters The Cat could defend.

Consider that a Christmas present to management.

I’ve left the door wide open for some of your best stories.

Here’s a look at those.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the day. And look for stories tonight about dinner with fire fighters, Christmas babies born and stores that were actually open today.

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