Furlough – Day 2

Levi after his morning broadcast

I had a fun jab at me this morning about having a little too much time on my hands. That’s the danger of a few furlough days as I wrote about here yesterday.

Still not getting paid here, but still doing stuff.

Levi and I have been busy making videos and broadcasting live in UStream. Its quite the fun that usually happens around 930 or 10 in the AM. He seems to be happiest then. I think its because he doesn’t realize Mommy is at work and its just Daddy.

Here’s a couple of our creations.

Another view, this time for UStream.

I’ve been playing around with the Ustream app on the iPhone. It allows for live broadcast, sends a tweet which is linked to facebook, then you can post it later to the Ustream site which will link to YouTube as well. A lot of fun and just playing around.

So, pardon me for all the live linking and asks to view my livestream. The quality is not superior, but for doing this live broadcasting thing from your phone to the world is pretty cool.

This afternoon, the boys are coming with me into work to visit a few people. Levi hasn’t made the trip to IPTV before. Noah always likes to say hi to Bert and Ernie in the lobby.


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