Furlough days

Fenway Park, Boston, MA
Consider this your warning— I’m on furlough for 3 days this week. If this would work out the best for me, I’d be at Fenway Park or Busch Stadium on my days off enjoying a game. Instead, I’ll just post a picture instead of the cathedral.

IPTV is in the same boat as the other state of Iowa agencies. We are mandated to take 5 days of furlough, days without pay, by the end of the fiscal year June 30, 2010.

Its been 12 weeks since Amy started maternity leave with baby Levi. She needs to go back to work for 3 days, Levi’s not going to daycare until after the first of the year, and I need to take some furlough days. This hopefully will work out well. I’ll get those other 2 furlough days in sometime.

This means Levi and I will be hanging out at home for the next 3 days while Noah and Mommy leave the house.

So, I may be able to spend all sorts of time on social media while feeding Levi, having him sleep or just plain fussy. I can’t watch TV all day, but I may try.

I’ve got some posts I plan on writing about the role of TMZ as a news source, working the holidays and a trip to the Quad Cities. We’ll see if it all gets done. I’ll write to keep in the mind game.

But you can expect to see a happy Levi on Ustream at some point today, because I can and its fun to play around with that technology.


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